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  • Do you allow inspection of goods before delivery?

    Yes, we have existing clients who get pre-shipment Inspection done through third parties.

    We are well accustomed to such protocols. You are welcome to inspects goods before delivery.



  • Do you face shortage in leather supply?

    We keep an inventory and are well prepared. There is no question of a shortage.

  • How many days you take for sampling?

    Hot IndianA standard lead time of 30-45 days is required .

  • Do you provide EAN Code Label?

    Yes . We design them in our own factory.

  • What is the capacity of you factory?

    Ans: We make around 20,000 Bags every month

  • Do you have a tannery?

    Yes, we do have our tannery in Bantala, Kolkata. Because of which we are able to offer very competitive prices to our clients.

  • What is the Minimum order of quantity ?

    Our MOQ for Bags is 50 per  colour  per style.

    Hot IndianOur MOQ for Wallets is 100 per  colour  per style.

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